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About Volunteer Center

About Volunteer Center

Tainan City Government Bureau of Social Affairs was established in 2008 with a purpose to promote volunteer service and Tainan Community Centre. The years of continuous efforts and effective working strategy enabled to sustain this work. In 2013 the center was renamed "Tainan volunteer promotion service center."

In order to stimulate and foster the professionalism in volunteer service, bureau plans to draw in the non-profit organizations in the operation and management of team of volunteer service. The focus of this strategy is to utilize the expertise and competence of the non-profit sector to develop this center into a vibrant platform. A platform for development, consultation, promotion and exchange programs with public and private sectors. Further develop diverse and participatory service pipeline safeguard the interests of the volunteers;


Dedicated volunteer counseling service available

l   Volunteer training programs, improving the quality of volunteer management

l   Volunteer counseling team, strengthening volunteer organizations operate

l   Volunteers’ for providing matchmaking information.

l   Tainan City Volunteer Service Information page update and expansion

l   Tainan volunteer services newsletters and related publications

l   Voluntary Service Planning, Welfare and awareness programs